The Underventure of Polin is a puzzle platformer in which our titular squishy yellow ball of pollen has fallen into a deep chasm full of outlandish creatures. The only way back is through climbing, but thankfully, the sticky "arm" Polin has is good enough for the job.

How to Play:

By pressing the left mouse button once, the player launches Polin's "arm" in the direction he's currently looking at. If it connects to something (like a wall or platform), then Polin will be pulled that way. You can also cancel the pull by left-clicking again during it. Doing so will cause Polin to 'drift' in that direction before stopping.


Bravarda Game Studio

Game Design: Mateus Trigueiro, Yann Lemos

Art & Animation: Maria Isabel "Mabel" May, Cezar Loureiro, João Pedro Figueiredo

Programming: Nicolas Paes Leme

Sound FX & Music: Yann Lemos

Ludum Dare Jam 38


The_Underventure_of_Polin_Win64.rar 38 MB

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